Big Sky Water Floatie: Inflatable Pool Island with Built-In Cupholders

When you’re enjoying a nice day in the sun by the pool, you’re either doing one of the two: relaxing on a beach chair with a chilly drink, or, enjoying yourself in the pool itself!

But why can’t you do both? With the Big Sky pool island, you can enjoy a nice cold drink while floating around on an island in the pool.

Water Floatie 1

Water Floatie 2

The island has a built-in 11.5″ cooler that helps keep your drinks ice cold while you’re sunbathing on a pool raft. There are also two cupholders on the side, so that you don’t have to keep carrying them around while floating.

Water Floatie 3

The Floatie is made of a durable, heavy-duty PVC that is resistant to tears and if that isn’t enough to reassure you, two repair patches are included should an accident with your Floatie ever arise.

Water Floatie 4

Mesh-bottom seats and air cushioned backrests provide comfortability for any person riding on the Floatie with handle grips on the side for you to hold on to.

Water Floatie 5

There are 3 models available of the Big Sky Water Floatie: a 1-person model, a 2-person model and a 4-person model depending on how many people you want to ride with.

Water Floatie 6

The Water Floatie can withstand from 170 – 680 lbs depending on the model, comfortably seating both children and adults.

Whether you want a romantic date in the pool with your significant other, or a great pool party with some friends, the Water Floatie can accommodate for both!

Water Floatie 7

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