Luc Perreault is used to getting funny looks from people. Outwardly, he seems like a biker dude. He has many tattoos, rides a motorcycle, and generally looks like a caricature of a motorcycle enthusiast.
As such, however, he is also subject to a lot of bias based on his appearance. People assume that, because of the way he looks, he must be dirty, dangerous, or both.


That seems to be the impression that one mother at a Tim Hortons got when she warned her kids to stay away from the ‘dirty biker’. Luc’s feelings were understandably hurt – especially since he prides himself on his education and his family. There’s nothing wrong with bikers, and Luc works hard to show that he is more than what his appearance suggests.


In response to these harsh words and surface-level judgments, Luc penned an open letter to the mother who offended him and published it on his Facebook feed.


Check it out below! Way to go, Luc! Good work standing up for yourself!