BlendBow: Prepare 300 Different Cocktails in Just 30 Seconds

The BlendBow cocktail machines are perfect for the restaurant owner in your life! It’s designed to prepare 300 different kinds of beverages in just seconds.

With its touch-screen display, you can select a custom beverage in just two clicks!

The machines have 100 pre-installed drink recipes already built in, and you can use the corresponding app to customize those drinks or create your own!

They perfectly measure everything you need for the best cocktail—they even store fresh ingredients like limes and mint!

It’s currently reserved for professional use only, making it ideal for business owners who want to make consistently perfect cocktails.

For more info, check out the company’s website here.

Watch the demo down below!


Where To Buy

BlendBow Barmate One
Available to rent or buy

BlendBow Barmate Infinite
Available to rent or buy