When it comes to eyesight, we don’t really value how much of a gift it is in our daily lives. We get to see faces of our loved ones, beautiful scenery around the world, even simple things such as colors!
But for Gene Purdie, life is different without this gift.

Gene suffers from a condition called Stargardt’s disease. This condition allows Gene to only see outlines of shapes in front of him. As a result, he’s never gotten a chance to see his wife’s beautiful face, his son’s smile, or even his parents that raised him.

Gene has lived his life in dark, and that’s when his wife decided to send a letter to Rachel Ray asking her to invite him on the show.

Rachel presented Gene with a pair of special glasses named the eSight glasses. These eSight glasses allow those with severe vision impairments to see things again. When Gene put on the glasses, he turned over to his wife and uttered these two unexpected words.