Boa Strap Wrenches: The Effective Low-Tech Wrench

Do you struggle with opening tightly sealed lids? The Boa Strap Wrenches are perfect for you! They’re designed to open all your twist-off lids easily and with minimal effort.


The British-made tools are lightweight and slim—you can use them in smaller areas where a traditional wrench is too bulky. Do you not have enough upper body strength to open that peanut butter jar? The strap wrench will take care of it.


The synthetic rubber strap is tough and adjustable—wrap it around your round object, tighten it for a slim fit, and twist. Soon, your items will be open and ready to go in no time at all! Save yourself from muscle strain.


The non-slip surface will grip any material, including plastic, wood, and metal! It will grip your material without any scuffing or marring, and the plastic handle will let you apply as much torque as you need.


They come in two sizes to work with anything!


Available Here.


Watch the demo down below!


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