Bombol Pop-Up Booster: Spring Up a Booster Seat Anywhere

Perfect for the child in need of a little boost, this booster will be able to be brought around without any hassle.

The Bombol pop-up booster folds out from its compact flat form measuring at only one and a half inches when folded down.

When needed, it can easily be folded out with one easy pull, revealing a booster seat to be used for a little extra height.

The included safety straps are strapped to the chairs that ensure the seat is properly secured.

When done using it, it will be light enough to carry anywhere only slightly thicker than a tablet when folded.

Made from stain and odor-resistant material, this booster will be perfect for those looking for a convenient, comfy seat at any table.

Available Here.

Watch the demo video down below!


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Bombol Pop-Up Booster