It’s almost summer time, and when that warm weather rolls around, most of us are ready to take off the grill cover and start cooking outside.
Before anyone uses their grill, they have to clean it—and the tool of choice is a barbecue brush with stainless steel bristles.
But few people know about how dangerous these brushes can be for your health.
Anthony Fiore and his family were making burgers on their grill, but before they started cooking the meat, Anthony’s mother Nadia used a stainless steel brush to clean off the grill.
But when Anthony started eating his burger, a tickle in his throat turned into a sharp pain. Nadia rushed her son to the emergency room, where X-rays showed a small piece of metal lodged in his throat.

Surgeons successfully removed the metal, but Anthony got a serious infection before recovering from his ordeal.

Instead of using a stainless steel brush, ball up aluminum foil, pick it up with tongs, and use that to clean your grill. You’ll get the same results with no pieces of metal to get in your food.

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