Boy Pleads for Bullying to End in Heartbreaking Video, Then Celebrities Respond

Dealing with bullies can be absolutely awful, but it always helps to know there are people who have your back.

Keaton Jones is a boy from Knoxville, Tennessee who is forced to deal with bullies every day. Recently, his mom had to pick him up early because the bullying wouldn’t stop. When he got in the car, he tearfully asked her why people bullied—and she caught his powerful words on camera.

“They make fun of my nose. They call me ugly. They say I have no friends,” he said. After talking about how the bullies torment him every day, he ends the video by saying it will probably get better some day.

His viral message struck a chord with many people—including celebrities.


Hopefully Keaton will see these messages and know he has friends and supporters all over the world! Stay strong, little man.

Watch Keaton’s full powerful video down below.