Parents are their children’s greatest protectors. There’s nothing stronger than a parent’s love for a child, and if you mess with their baby, you better watch out.
Kristen Powers knows that truth better than anyone. She was doing holiday shopping with her son at Kohl’s when he needed a diaper change. But in the bathroom, things took a turn for the worse.
According to Kristen, a woman approached her and said her baby was beautiful. While that didn’t seem weird, the woman then walked through the bathroom and looked under the stall doors. The woman approached Kristen again and took the baby’s arm, demanding Kristen give her the baby.
A panicked Kristen pushed the woman away, but the woman told her to hand over her baby again. Thankfully, Kristen managed to escape with her son safe and sound.

A mother and her child have a very special relationship, and Kristen proves that nothing can stop a mother from protecting her baby!

Watch the full story in the video down below!