“Pick on somebody your own size!” is what I imagine this tiny little Jack Russel is saying as he barks at these lionesses to back away from him.
Now, when I think of videos of predators circling a small prey like our little terrier here, it isn’t always pretty.
Fortunate for us, this video isn’t like that. This little pup actually goes up against those predators and even turns the tables around; the predators seem scared of him!
You can see that as the pup barks at a lioness she jumps back shockingly as if the pup was an actual lion. This interaction is actually quite funny to watch and I’m glad to see that even in the animal world, bullying isn’t tolerated by this little guy.

Check out the entire act below!

Proof a Jack Russel does not know it's size …

Posted by Andre van Rooyen on Tuesday, September 13, 2016