Bride-To-Be Jilted at the Altar, but She Says It Was the Best Thing to Happen to Her

Most people dream of their wedding day and think it will be the best day of their lives. This woman’s wedding day couldn’t have gone any worse—but it turned out to be the best thing for her.

When Dee Diamond met Danny Sanico, she thought he was the man of her dreams. They fell in love and three months later, they were engaged.

They started planning their wedding, and Danny was involved with everything, from tasting cakes to taking private dance lessons for their first dance.

But when the big day came, Danny was nowhere to be found. When Dee’s maid of honor went to check on him, she saw he had taken off—he even too some furniture and the TV.

The guests stayed with Dee and tried to make the best of a terrible situation, but after the wedding, Dee and her lawyer father wanted justice.

Dee sued Danny for rent money and the missing furniture, and her father sued for wedding expenses and breach of contract. A judge ruled in their favor, and Dee found a new career path: trial law.

“Now I don’t cry over the day I was jilted; I’m glad it happened,” Dee told in 2013. “It meant I’m following my dream to be a trial lawyer . . . Someday I might want to get married, but for now, I’m just grateful Danny didn’t turn up. I had a lucky escape.”

Thankfully, Dee got her happy ending after all!

Watch her story in the video down below!