Bunker Up Fishin: Catch Bigger Fish in an Easier Way

If you love fishing for big catches, the Bunker Up Fishin Sandblaster Bait Caster is perfect for you! It’s designed to shoot your bait out to where the big fish roam.


It’s made of stainless steel, ensuring lasting durability. The cannon will cast your bait up to 300 yards away, making it perfect for catching big fish from the comfort of the beach. It’ll change your fishing game forever!


The package includes the bait caster, a DC air compressor, a six pack of bait molds, a six pack of holders, and six fishing rigs—everything you need for a successful fishing trip! Plus, the design is non-corrosive.


It’s backed by a US patent—casting your bait deep into the ocean is no longer a fisherman’s pipe dream! You don’t need a boat to get the big fish—just launch your bait out to where they are and you can bring home a nice meal.


If you like to fish, you need this bait caster!


Available here.


Watch the demo down below!


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Bunker Up Fishin Sandblaster Bait Caster