Bus Full of Children Suddenly Caught Fire, Ellen Rewards Single Mom for Heroic Acts

Ellen Degeneres is known to have the power to change anyone’s life in an instance. So when she heard the story of Renita Smith, a school bus driver, she knew she had to change her life.

Renita is a full-time school bus driver and the story starts in September of 2016 when it looked to be just any other day on the job.

She was on her last route of the day when her brake light started blinking. Soon afterward, the children tell her that they noticed a smokey smell on the bus which proceeded to become engulfed in flames.

Her motherly instincts kicked in and decided it was best to evacuate all the children onboard. The children ranged in age around 4-10 years old and lined up single-file to be lead off the bus by their driver.

After the children were a safe space away, she got back onto the bus to ensure no remaining kids were hiding in fear and safely made it off the bus.

In an interview on the Ellen show, she mentions that she is a single mother of two who is living pay-check to pay-check until Ellen surprises her with a gift.

A check of $20,000 is given to Renita for her heroism where she is caught in disbelief.

Watch the video to hear the whole story!


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