Cameraman Notices Fin Pop Out of Ocean, Then the Next Moment Goes Viral Instantly

When it comes to whale watching, you have to be just as patient as when it comes to fishing. You can spend hours drifting on the sea with nothing to show for your spectacular sightings.

Well, for this camera crew, they got way more than just a spectacular sighting for themselves, they managed to record a humpback whale leaping out of the water and splashing.

The crew was a team of four scuba divers that were floating off the shore of South Africa, hunting for sardines.

While they weren’t necessarily too interested in the sardines, it’s what the sardines attract that blows them away.

Luckily for them on this trip, they were able to encounter a 40 ton humpback whale slapping its fins right and left and leaping entirely out of the water!

While they were lucky to be able to witness in person, we are still lucky that they caught footage for us to see from the comfort of our own homes.

Watch this once-in-a-lifetime moment in the video below:


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