You Can Swim On Top Of The City in Market Square Tower

Market Square Tower in Houston, Texas is a luxury apartment building with a unique feature.

It has a pool that extends in the sky over the city.

The tower is located right downtown, and as you swim in the pool you can see the city beneath you.

It seems terrifying, but can you imagine how weightless you’d feel floating above one of the great cities in the USA.

Sitting 42 floors above the city, the glass-bottomed pool might make you dizzy.

The glass is 8 inches thick, so you’ll be fine if you’re brave enough to venture across the water.

Market Square Tower offers a living experience like nothing Houston has ever seen before. Come live the tower life. #luxuryliving #glassbottompool #livethetowerlife
#marketsquaretower #tallestpoolintexas
Call 713-777-7000 to schedule a tour or visit our website for more information:

Posted by Market Square Tower on Thursday, April 6, 2017

You can check out their website to rent an apartment here.


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