A Cappella Group Home Free’s Moving Rendition of “Mom” Is Bringing Everyone to Tears

There’s no one in the world that can compare to your mom. Even before you enter this world, she’s the one that cares for you the most.

This feeling you have for mom is perfectly depicted in the moving Garth Brooks tune, “Mom”.

So when a cappella group Home Free decided to cover this song, it was already expected to be oh so beautiful.

The song “Mom” was written as a conversation between an unborn baby and God. Although the child wants to stay with God, he explains that Mom is waiting for them to arrive below – and all the incredible things about her.

Although many have heard the Garth Brooks version of the song, the Home Free rendition does equal amounts of justice. It’s an absolutely moving to listen to and really honors all the moms out there for Mother’s day.

Be sure to give it a listen in the video below:


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