Cat Crib: The Space-Saving Hammock for Your Cat

Do you have a cat who loves to lounge around the house? The Cat Crib is perfect for you! It’s designed to give your cat a comfortable place to relax using your existing furniture.


Typical pet furniture takes up a ton of space in your home—your cat may be happy, but it gets hard to move around your house. The Cat Crib ties up under a chair, letting your cat lounge all day long without additional furniture.


The hammock can fit under virtually any chair—by using your existing furniture, the hammock becomes an affordable solution. Plus, being under the chair helps your cat feel safe while still keeping an eye on the house.


It’s also easy to clean—you can clean around it while cleaning your house, and it’s machine-washable. The hammock stays in unused space, keeping the rest of your home free for your belongings and your cat’s toys!


This makes a great gift for your friend who loves cats!


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Watch the demo down below!


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Cat Crib
Available in three colors