When Oreo the cat began showing up outside the St. Augustine Health Ministries, the friendly stray cat decided to mark this retirement center as his home.
Every day, she would wait outside as residents waited for their rides. Soon enough, she would sneak inside and cheer up everyone’s spirits with her sweet spirit.

One day, Oreo even took the receptionist’s job! It was this moment, the receptionist realized the former stray was there to stay.

“She’s like our family here. She helps the residents, she helps the employees, and we just love her.”

“Most of the people we serve here had pets… so to have Oreo here, to be able to come out and pet the cat…”

“It brings those feelings of home.”

It’s amazing to see how Oreo is able to comfort all of the residents at the nursing home and how wonderful she is at doing her job. As long as Oreo is around, the elderly will have a little piece of home with them.