Cave Innovations HortiHood: The Greenhouse for Any Garden

Have you always wanted a greenhouse in your yard but just don’t have the space? The Cave Innovations HortiHood and HideyHood are perfect for you! They’re designed to let you create a shelter for anything in your yard.


They’re both forms of shelter that can cover whatever you need—the HideyHood is perfect for your bicycle or lawn equipment, and the HortiHood can cover all your beautiful flowers and garden fruits and vegetables!


The HideyHood can fix to walls and fences as low as 46″—attach it to the wall or fence and you have an instant shelter! It’s quick and easy to set up—it has multiple attachment points to ensure it’s sturdy through any weather conditions.


The HortiHood is a free-standing, folding, and popup structure. It’s made of PVC and fiberglass rod, ensuring it’s lightweight and sturdy. Plus, it has lift up and drop down access, letting you tend to your plants easily.


If you need more storage in your yard, these covers are a great solution!


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Cave Innovations HortiHood