Child Born with No Legs or Arms, Watch Him Go as He Takes His First Steps

Camden was born without arms and legs, something that would keep most of us down and resort to our fate. But this little boy is managing to take life head on with the support of his parents!

After having worked on his ability to walk for the past few weeks, Mommy, Daddy, and Camden were ready to take it to the next step and see if he could do it unassisted. With a shaky start, he keeps on catching himself whenever he begins to stumble and keeps moving.

With jaws wide open, we watch as he marches on! Nothing is stopping this legend from going forward and he’s going to make it to Daddy. His mom watches on, unable to keep the happy tears and rush of emotion gushing out of her. Her son is making strides to becoming independent, and showing that even if he’s missing what most others have, he can still make it.

The video is incredibly touching, putting into perspective that even without legs he’s still moving. He’s still set on being part of his family and getting the chance to function by himself. No one is kidding themselves and thinking life will be easy for him, but the self-confidence of achieving such an incredible feat will follow him all his life.

The most amazing part? After being asked if he was proud of himself, he nonchalantly answered “No, I’m just walking.”

Something tells us this little boy will have the drive of thousands of people combined in the future and that we’ll have to keep an eye out on what he ends up achieving! Stay strong Camden, stay strong.

4 Year Old Limbless Boy Taking First Steps

“With some coaching and a pep talk from his Daddy, CAMDEN FINALLY LEARNED HOW TO WALK! I cried like a baby! I’ve been looking forward to this moment for the past 4 years and it finally happened. I am SO proud of Camden and I am SO BLESSED to be his Momma! All I could do was cry and tell Camden how proud I was of him while watching him take his very first unassisted steps. A little while later, I asked Camden if he was proud of himself and he said, ‘No, I’m just walking.'”


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Posted by Love What Matters on Monday, November 20, 2017


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