The internet can be needlessly hostile against parents who decide to go against the grain. If you encourage your children to be free spirits or let them dye their hair unconventional colors, the internet hate machine will work quickly to turn you into a pariah. Even still, little Lyra isn’t going to let that stop her.


Lyra’s mom, Mary Thomaston, is a hairdresser who works with hair of a variety of styles and colors. When Lyra asked her mother to dye her hair, Mary was careful to make sure she did everything as safely and as by-the-book as possible. She got permission from Lyra’s school and made doubly sure that all the dye was non-toxic and safe for use on children.

Despite her extreme caution, she has been inundated by angry internet comments, criticizing her parenting skills because she dared to dye her daughter’s hair. Regardless of the criticism, Lyra loves her hair. She refuses to let anyone get her down and has already planned out her next dye job.

You go, Lyra!