Chill Chest: The Collapsible Iceless Food and Drink Cooler

If you need a compact and effective cooler, the Chill Chest is perfect for you! It’s designed to keep your food and drinks cold without any ice.


It can hold up to 60 cans and keep them ice cold for up to 10 hours—it’s perfect for your child’s sporting events, picnics, or the big game! You can even take it on your beach vacation, or to a friend’s house for a summer cookout.


It weighs less than two pounds, but it’s capable of holding over 100 times its weight—you can pack enough snacks and drinks for the entire family! The temperature lock technology traps the cold inside ice-free.


The Chill Chest can keep your hot foods hot and cold foods cold, and it collapses and stacks for easy storage when not in use! It unfolds and folds in just seconds—it keeps up with your lifestyle and won’t weigh you down.


If you don’t want a bulky cooler, check out the Chill Chest!


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