Chill Systems: The Bags That Pour Out Cold Drinks

If you want a cold drink on you at all times, the Chill Systems are perfect for you! They’re designed to keep your drinks cold and ready to pour no matter where you are.


It combines the Chiller with a bag or tote, letting you carry around all your drinks in a stylish and practical way. No more bulky coolers or melting ice—the bag holds your stuff and keeps everything ice cold.


It cools your drink without ice, and it can hold all your favorite drinks—from wine and beer to soft drinks! The system is portable and lightweight, and the inside is durable and insulated for a better drinking experience.


The design lets you access your beverages quickly and easily. Are you dying of thirst and need a drink? Get it from your bag in just seconds! Freeze your Chiller for six hours, let your drinks chill for up to an hour inside the Chiller, and put it in your tote or bag.


If you want a stylish cooling system, check out these totes and bags!


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Chill Systems
Available in three models