Comedian Jimmy Fallon is known for making celebrities partake in a hilarious segment on his Tonight Show called the “Wheel of Musical Impressions”.
The segment is a fun game in which celebrities press a button to be paired with a random singer and random song. Jimmy also partakes in the game and the celebrity and him try to determine who is better at impersonating the random singer they get. The combinations of the “wheel” are more than often pretty wild and almost always has everyone laughing in their seats.

One celebrity that came on Jimmy’s show was Christina Aguilera. When Christina participated in the “Wheel of Musical Impressions”, she amazed the crowd with some incredible impressions of Cher, Britney Spears and even Shakira! With Christina’s musical talents being pushed, it’s easy to see how amazing of a singer she is.

Check out her impressions with Jimmy Fallon below: