Circu Mermaid Bed: Go to Sleep Like a Princess Every Night

If your child has always dreamed of being a princess, the Circu Mermaid Bed is perfect for them! It’s designed to replicate a clamshell, letting your child live out their fantasies of being a little mermaid.


It’s made entirely out of fiberglass, giving the bed a luxurious look and feel. The shell is set on top of sea rocks, and has a reinforced hinge to connect the shell together—this bed will stay sturdy and last your child for years to come!


The reinforced hinge allows the bed to stand completely still without closing or folding—this allows the bed to remain safe while in use. It’s finished in a paint pigment, giving it a cool color changing effect that makes your bed stand out.


The inside has a small round mattress and a color-changing light on the inside of the top shell—the glowing effect will soothe your child to sleep every night! Your bed becomes a truly relaxing place with calming sensations for a good night’s rest.


If you want a bed fit for a princess, check out this option!


For more information on the Circu Mermaid Bed, check out the company’s website here.


Watch the demo down below!


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