It’s a universal truth that dogs are cute, but it’s also a universal truth that they can be mischievous.
Meet Pablo. A few months ago, he was adopted by rapper Billie Bands. The two quickly became thick as thieves. Billie Bands often posts photos of his dog on his twitter, including ones where he’s all dressed up, like in the photo below.
But recently, he shared a photo not of his dog, but of something his dog did that made the entirety of Twitter say “awwwww”.

Billie Bands came home to see that his dog peed on the floor. Like you do with puppies, he was getting ready to discipline the dog for making a mess in the house. However, he thought twice about punishing the dog when he saw that he valiantly tried to clean it up himself.

Using some quick thinking – and showing that he knows he made a mistake – Pablo grabbed the end of the toilet paper roll by the end and ran to the mess to try to mop it up.

Well done Pablo! Not only did he do his papa proud, but the two are in talks to appear on CNN, which will probably do wonders for Billie Bands’ career!