If you don’t use a drip-based coffee machine, then you can breathe a sigh of relief (thank you, trips abroad that taught me the wonders of European, Turkish, and Vietnamese coffee). If you do have a drip-based system, we sincerely hope that you haven’t had your morning cup of coffee yet.

Old coffee machine plus a hack

Back in 2011, the Public Health and Safety Organization released a study which discovered that the reservoirs of standard drip coffee makers were the fifth filthiest item in your average household. Researchers also reported finding yeast and mold in half of all coffee machines that they inspected.

Coffee Pot

Having a clean kitchen is important, but so is having clean appliances. Thankfully, you won’t need any harsh chemicals to clean your coffee machine. All you need is white vinegar and some water.

Heinz Vinegar

Just fill the reservoir with an even mixture of vinegar and water, then turn it off once half of it has dripped down and wait half an hour before finishing the process. After that, “brew” yourself a couple pots of clean hot water to flush everything out. And that’s it! You’re finished and ready to enjoy a clean and mold-free cup of coffee.