The Comfy: A Luxurious Blanket That’s Really a Giant, Ultra-Soft Sweatshirt

Perfect for those who love lounging around, the Comfy is a giant blanket that doubles as a giant sweatshirt—or the other way around!

It has been designed to be the most comfortable thing you’ll ever wear, whether you’re at home or on the go!

It’s made of an ultra-soft microfiber on the outside…

…and a luxurious sherpa on the inside.

Curl up on the couch, pull in your legs and arms, and let it wrap you in warmth and comfort.

And best of all, it’s completely reversible!

It features an oversized hood that doubles as a pillow, and a giant pocket that can fit your phone or tablet.

Perfect for lounging around the house on those chilly mornings, or when on-the-go—the possibilities are endless!

Available on Amazon and Here.


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The Comfy Sweatshirt Blanket
3 colors available – one size fits all!