We all love our furry family members, but sometimes we feed them things we really shouldn’t. We all know the stereotype about feeding dogs unwanted broccoli under the table, and even trying to feed them our homework. But there are six common household foods your dog should definitely avoid:
#1. Peaches: The pits are poisonous and can get stuck in the bowels.
#2. Macadamia Nuts: While tasty to humans, they can cause hypothermia and tremors in dogs.
#3. Grapes and Raisins: They are not quite sure why yet, but kidney failure in dogs has been associated with these foods.
#4. Gum: Keep gum away from your dog, because it can cause liver failure.

#5. Corn On The Cob: It may look cute while they eat it, but it can also block intestines and require surgery.

#6. Bread: The yeast in bread is very dangerous for dogs because it can expand and rupture the stomach or intestines.

These are just some of the toxic foods you should never feed your dogs, but there’s even more that have been compiled by dog-lovers in the video below. It’s quite informative, and definitely a must-watch if you want to avoid poisoning your pooch.