A Switzerland-based company by the name of Algordanza specializes in what they call the ‘Memorial Diamond’. It’s an ingenious process that converts the cremated remains of a loved one into an honest to goodness diamond. Diamonds are made of carbon and the human body is 18% carbon. As a result, they’ve found a way to take the carbon remains and turn them into a diamond.

First, you choose your preferred ring size and favorite cut, or settle for a rough and more natural diamond form. Different colors can occur depending on how much boron is in the diamond. Then, they isolate the carbon from the ashes and convert it to graphite. A ‘starter crystal’ then helps the growth of the diamond, which can take several weeks.

The ‘starter crystal’ before and after:

High Pressure High Temperature (HPHT) machines mimic the natural process for the creation of diamonds. They create a pressure of 870,000 psi, and the temperature hovers around 2200-2550 °F.

Your personal Memorial Diamond is hand-cut only by experienced experts.

Some Examples Of Memorial Diamonds