Coming to us from The X Factor UK, we are introduced to an incredibly nervous girl named Louisa. Hailing from Essex at the tender age of just seventeen, she nervously ascends the stage to face some questions from the judges. It turns out she’s been singing since she was seven years old and according to her mom, she sings at home all the time in the shower and the bathroom because she is absolutely adamant that this is her dream.

You would think that with nearly a decade of crooning under her belt, she would be a little less anxious about performing her great love in life. Okay, to be fair, it is in front of rather large audience and the almost eternally scowling Simon Cowell. But once the music starts and she belts out her first note, an impressed smile crosses Cowell’s face. Hearing this girl, it’s not hard to see why. Singing Michael Jackson’s rendition of Who’s Loving You, this amazingly talented young woman brings a set of pipes and spirit that’d be hard to beat whatever your age and whatever your fame.