Construction Workers Make Giant Waldo for Hospitalized Kids to Find

This is Jason Haney. He’s been working on a site that’s located across the street from a Children’s hospital. Being a kind-hearted man, Jason thought it might be nice to do something to make the children smile.

With that in mind, he turned to everybody’s friend in red and white stripes – Waldo.

Waldo 1

Jason constructed a large wooden cut-out of Waldo (about 8 feet tall). Everyday, he “hides” Waldo somewhere on the construction site facing the windows of the children’s hospital. Everyday, the children look out their windows and scan the construction site looking for the cartoon bandit (or whatever Waldo’s supposed to be).

Waldo 2

Waldo 3

The kids absolutely love it. Each day, they’re eager to find out where Waldo is this time.

Waldo 4

Waldo 5

Jason says he’s currently working on something similar involving Minions.

Waldo 6


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