COOLTECH Car Seat Cooler: Keep Your Car Seat Cool on Hot Days

Are your kids always bothered by hot car seats on summer days? The COOLTECH Car Seat Cooler is perfect for you! It’s designed to keep your child’s car seat cool while the car gets hot.


It keeps your car seat cool while you’re out—set it up when you leave the car, and the seat’s nice and cool for your child when you get back. This prevents your children from getting burned when they sit in their car seats!


Fold it flat and freeze it the night before you leave—keep it in your freezer for around 12 hours. When you get to your destination, take your child out of the car seat and lay the cooler on the seat, fabric side down. Then, take the cooler off when you get back to the car!


It cools down the car seat, and keeps the metal buckles from getting too hot! The convenient handle is great for grabbing and going, and the patented design is self-insultating—it can stay cool for hours, no matter how long you’re out.


Plus, the extended design gives you complete coverage!


Available Here.


Watch the demo down below!


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COOLTECH Car Seat Cooler
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