As teenagers, we all end up on the wrong path at certain points of time in our lives. Some of those wrongful actions can end up putting some teens behind bars, even if they are the simplest.
Officer Eric Ball knew this about teens and when he caught a teenager smoking marijuana outside of a movie theater parking lot, he decided to do something different.
“I asked him to come here,” Ball said. “When he noticed I was an officer, he came walking toward me. But he dropped something in his hand.”
Officer Ball says the teen was facing a misdemeanor citation and fines for having drug paraphernalia.

“You out here in front of the door smoking weed. What are you thinking? That was dumb,” Ball said. “So you’re going to go to jail for something dumb today.”

But Ball decided to give the teen a second chance. Of course, he wasn’t going to let the teen go without punishment, but offered him the alternative to do 200 push-ups instead.

“I’m like, ‘Yeah, you can do 200 push-ups or go to jail.”

The teen was grateful and began doing push-ups even though he was struggling.

He apologized afterwards and hugged officer Ball.

“It’s easy to arrest folks,” Ball said. “But it’s harder to change someone.”

DO 200 PUSHUPS OR GO TO JAIL: After a police officer caught a teen smoking marijuana in a movie theater parking lot, he gave him two options: Do 200 pushups or go to jail. "It's easy to arrest folks," he said. "But it's harder to change someone." (Video: Raiza Paredez)

Posted by Fox 32 Chicago on Wednesday, December 28, 2016