Copper Pennies from 1943 Can Sell for Up to $85,000

All images courtesy of Wikimedia Commons
Pennies usually aren’t worth that much, but this particular penny is worth way more than meets the eye.
If you have a penny from 1943 in your wallet or under your couch cushions, you might be in for a hefty payday.
These coins might resemble any other penny, but there was a mistake made during the printing process that makes them extremely rare.

In 1943, America was in the midst of World War II and in order to save copper for the war effort, pennies were made with steel until 1944.

Steel 1943 pennies are rare and valuable in their own right, but there are some 1943 pennies that are even more difficult to find.

Someone made a few 1943 pennies with copper by mistake, making them incredibly rare and valuable—they could be worth up to $85,000.

How can you tell if you have one of these pennies? Test your pennies with a magnet!


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