A homeless man in Norridge, Illinois, was sitting and staring at his shoes. They had no soles left on them, worn out from his many years of struggles. He was waiting in a bus shelter to take the transit, but wasn’t allowed on because he didn’t have proper footwear.
That’s when two police officers spotted him. They saw him sitting there and asked what the problem was. When they heard about his shoes they took action.
They walked into Payless and bought him a $60 pair of shoes.
He donned the shoes, shook the officers hands and exclaimed that now he could be respectable while looking for a job.

The officers insisted on remaining anonymous, because good deeds need no recognition.


The following message was posted by a Ms. Elizabeth Horan who observed a couple of our officers purchasing new shoes for…

Posted by Norridge Police Department on Thursday, December 29, 2016