Almost nothing says summer like corn. It’s a staple of barbecues everywhere and is irresistible with butter slathered on it. It’s also fairly easy to prepare; just boil to juicy perfection before munching into a dish that is very much the taste of spring and summer. For many, Memorial Day is not just a day to remember the sacrifices of our forefathers, but also the unofficial start of summer and barbecue season. But what happens when you need the extra space on the stove? You make ‘redneck cooler corn’, of course.

Some veterans and their adorable little helper faced this obstacle with a wife needing all four burners while she prepared a feast for the day. As a solution, they came up with what they call ‘redneck cooler corn’. This video shows us how we too can have this relatively quick and simple cooler corn for any future barbecues. It’s also a great and practical way to get corn cooked when you’re out camping or otherwise outdoors.