Community Throws Party for Couple Who Raised More Than 1,000 Foster Kids

It takes one very dedicated couple to raise a village. That may not be the actual saying, but it may as well be.

Anne and Terry Panks opened their doors to Manchester’s most vulnerable and under-privileged children and teens in 1980. Since then, they have helped raised over 1000 children, giving them a roof over their heads, three squares a day, and the confidence to believe they can make something of themselves.

To thank them for all their love and hard work at Copperdale Trust – the name of their foster home – a bunch of their former children got together and, with the help of grocery chain Morrison’s, threw their foster parents a thank you party.

The twist is that neither Terry nor Anne knew that they were headed to a party. They were caught completely off guard! Watch them receive their much earned surprise below!


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