They Crammed a House into a 7 Foot Alley, and Now It’s a Minimalist’s Dream House

Ripley’s Believe It or Not! called it the narrowest house in America but Jack Sammis and his family call it home.

Measuring in at an astounding 350 square feet, or roughly 7 feet wide, this Alexandria, Virginia, based house is one of the best stories of sweet justice in America. Back in the days, where this tiny blue house now stands, was an alley that was popular with loiterers and wagon riders. Annoyed by all the traffic, the old neighbor decided to build a house instead of the alley (important to note that it was his property from the get go).

Using intricate storage systems and couches that are actually big bins, they’ve made the most out of this home built to spite the so called hooligans that would loiter in the alley. Jack likes to point out that his favorite part of the house, and almost the main reason he bought the place, is for its backyard and its luscious greenery. It also allows him to have more than 2 people in the miniature home.


The history this location exudes is one of its main appeals as well. As Jack points out in his interview, you can see where wagons use to hit the brick walls and all the little chunks that were marked by their traffic. Absolutely stunning!

This hilariously small building is a testament to being able to live with less and still be content. Or, see it as a testament that taking revenge on people that loiter on your property will one day serve the greater good!


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