Here Are Some of the Craziest, True Stories from Flight Attendants, Passengers, and Pilots

Some people are not the biggest fans of flying, but thankfully there are flight crews flying all over the world who can put you at ease with just the right joke—no matter what’s going on.

Here are just a few examples of some funny flight attendants and pilots.

1. The too-honest pilot

2. This flight attendant’s clever reminder

3. This brilliant flight attendant

4. This airline knows the truth

5. This pilot knows exactly what happened

6. Well, this flight attendant isn’t wrong

7. I hope you’re the favorite child

8. At least they aren’t lying

9. Well, don’t mind if I do

10. Make sure you don’t leave that new iPhone behind

11. Well, that’s unfortunate

12. Very punny

13. At least they said it

14. At least he got some landing practice

15. She has a point

16. I wouldn’t be surprised if this wasn’t a joke

17. When you think about it, this is true

18. I would have definitely been this passenger


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