Creative QT Stuff ‘n’ Sit: The Beanbag Chair That Stores Your Stuff

If you need a fun storage solution for your child’s toys, the Creative QT Stuff ‘n’ Sit is perfect for you! It’s designed to store stuffed animals while also being a functional beanbag chair.


It can hold up to 90 stuffed toys in one poof—it doubles as storage and furniture! All you have to do is fill it with your stuffed animals and zip it up. It’s fun and functional—your kids will have fun stuffing it up.


The poofs help you declutter your home in a fun way, and they come in several colors and sizes—they’ll be a perfect addition to your child’s playroom! It’s also made of premium, durable cotton canvas.


The material is machine-washable—the poofs will hold up to whatever your kids will put them through. Plus, it’s laboratory-tested for compliance with health regulations. Your kids can play and use it worry-free.


If you have too many toys and blankets in your playroom, you need this storage system!


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Creative QT Stuff ‘n’ Sit
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