Cuddle Clones: Make a Custom Stuffed Animal of Your Beloved Pet

Cuddle Clones are the perfect gift for any pet parent! This company makes custom stuffed animals, capturing the look and the essence of your furry friend.

Simply submit photos of your pet to their website, choose what position you want your plush to be in, and add whatever other distinguishing features your pet has—that’s it!

You’re not limited to just stuffed animals—you can get customized slippers, too. The company will even make replacements for treasured plush toys or create one from your own drawing!

You can get Cuddle Clones for virtually any animal: horses, guinea pigs, reptiles, or rabbits!

Available Here.

Adoptables are also available on Amazon.

Watch the demos down below!


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Cuddle Clones
Available as stuffed animals, stockings, plush creations, and plush replacement