Dad Opens Birthday Gift, Finds 12 y/o Clutching Papers Inside, Breaks Down in Tears

Jason never saw it coming. On his 35th birthday, he was presented with a special gift that he will never forget.

In the video posted on Apr. 27, 2017, He is seen being watched by many friends as he approaches a rather large box.

When he lifts the lid, he is surprised to see his 12-year-old hiding inside with a package and some balloons.

To add confusion, the balloons have the words “It’s a girl!” written across it. However, his wife assures him, “Don’t worry, I’m not pregnant!”As everyone laughs, the birthday boy sees the package in the 12-year-old’s hands and begins to read it.

He skims over the words and discovers that he is holding a set of adoption papers and his wife’s loving daughter can now legally become his own daughter.

He completely breaks down and cries in his new daughter’s arms after realizing the new opportunity.

Check out the video of the whole birthday surprise!


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