Reddit exploded when redditor ChrisBenRoy posted an image of a birthday card he received on his 30th birthday from his father. Except his father died 16 years ago.

The humorous card is simply signed, “Love Ya, Dad”. ChrisBenRoy writes that the card must have been purchased in 1999, when his father was terminally ill with liver/lung cancer. He had purchased cards for all the milestone birthdays; 13th, 20th, 21st, 25th, and now 30th. He had also done something similar when ChrisBenRoy received his drivers’ licence.

ChrisBenRoy writes “It caught me totally off guard and made me so very happy, It felt like he was still there, holding something I’d never seen before that he touched, and signed himself, it was [as] if he had just done it yesterday.” He remembers now receiving a similar card on his 25th birthday, but over 5 years time had forgotten about the milestone cards. ChrisBenRoy also wonders if a card was prepared for his 40th birthday, and is pretty certain his father has purchased the same milestone cards for his brother. His mother hung onto the card until his 30th birthday. Other redditors shared their own stories of similar experiences. User sjgw137 received a pearl necklace for graduation from her father after he had passed away. She writes that no matter what her outfit, if she misses her father she wears those pearls. She also received another gift on her wedding day as well.

Reddit agrees that ChrisBenRoy, among with many others, have awesome fathers. He writes, “So awesome in fact, he found a way to still be an awesome father 16 years after he died.”