Dash Electric Mandoline: Cut Your Fruits and Veggies Safely

Do you love chopping and cutting your food into works of art? The Dash Electric Mandoline is perfect for you! It’s designed to safely cut your fruits, vegetables, and cheeses in every way possible.


It can make seven different cuts: thin, thick, extra thick, julienne, fine julienne, cube, and grate chop. The cover will keep your fingers away from the blade for safer cutting—no more blood in your food!


Traditional mandolines leave your fingers exposed to the blades, but the cover on this electric model will save your fingers and make food prep a more enjoyable experience. The blades make cutting and chopping a dream—you can prepare food like a chef!


All the accessories for easy cleaning come with the mandoline—your tool will be squeaky clean with minimal effort! Plus, the detachable parts will store in the container, making it easy to store and keep neat.


If cooking’s your favorite thing, you need this mandoline!


Available Here.


Watch the demo down below!


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Dash Electric Mandoline