His Daughter Is Addicted to Drugs, So Dad Becomes Homeless to Save Her Life

As a parent, it can be hard to watch your child go down a path you know can be bad for them—especially when you feel like you can do nothing to help.

But this dad has found an unorthodox way to help his opioid-addicted daughter.

Just a month ago, Paul DiGiacomo didn’t know whether his daughter Meghan was alive or dead. Then, he and his wife saw her being interviewed on an Anderson Cooper 360 segment.

Paul tracked her down and set up camp right beside her, determined to make sure she stayed alive until she was ready to get help.

With her loving father and family dog by her side, Meghan is much more likely to get the help she needs.

Watch the full heartwarming story down below.

Heroin addiction in America

Parents seek help for heroin-addicted loved ones: We follow the stories of two young people addicted to heroin and living in the streets of Boston. http://cnn.it/2hr8MKm

Posted by Anderson Cooper 360 on Friday, 10 November 2017