Even the simplest actions can have the most meaning behind them. For Connie Mauro, a 99-year-old from Marietta, Georgia, this simple action was handing out library cards.
Mauro spent nearly 50 years working at the Mount Vernon, New York library. With that many years spent there, she must have handed out thousands of library cards to eager readers. Little did she know, one of them would become an award-winning actor.


Denzel Washington was just 7 years old when Mauro handed him his first library card. He never forgot that day, and never forgot “Miss Connie” either. The same went for Mauro as well.

This interaction became a story for Mauro to tell as her life went on. While some people found the story hard to believe, Connie continued to tell that story.

Decades later, in preparation of Mauro’s 99th birthday, the staff at Atria Johnson Ferry, the assisted living facility where she lives, decided to give her a beautiful surprise.


After many pleas and phone calls, they finally got a response from Washington. Unfortunately, he was unable to attend Mauro’s birthday party due to a busy schedule, but gave a phone call to her to wish her happy birthday. With that phone call, Denzel also told Mauro that he would visit her in December.

And he did. The pair talked for over an hour and a half to catch up, and confirmed that Mauro’s story was indeed true after all.







Washington said before leaving the facility, “You never know what’s really impactful. You never know where the world is gonna take you — the impact that they’re gonna have on your life. This lady had a profound impact on my life and here I am. It’s about paying it forward and being kind.”