DeskView: Window-Mounted Standing Desk Is a Go-Anywhere Work Station

Why is it that when people work in the office, they’re forced to face their boring and plain wall? There’s a beautiful city landscape right behind them, yet it isn’t being used. Maybe it’s because the worker’s desk blocks the beautiful view, or there’s no way they can sit facing that direction.

Whatever the problem may be, DeskView intends to change that.

DeskView is a window-mounted standing desk that uses suction cups to install onto your office window. This gives you a beautiful, minimalistic standing desk to oversee the city landscape while you work.

DeskView 1

DeskView 2

The DeskView is made of aerospace grade components with aluminum brackets and suction discs. It comes pre-packaged and is easy to install in just 10 seconds. It can stay up on your window for weeks, months and years without leaving any marks or scuffs afterwards.

DeskView 3

DeskView 4

DeskView has been tested on marble and commercial, high-rise windows in which it has held perfectly in excess of 40 pounds. However, this number can vary based on the age and type of window as well as how long you intend to keep the desk there.

It’s elegant, minimalistic design makes for the perfect standing desk at just a fraction of the traditional standing desk’s cost.

DeskView 5

The DeskView is available in 3 different colors: baller (clear), minimalist (white), and natural (wood).

It’s designed to give you the best view in any office room and is perfect for those who are tired of their plain old boring desk view.

DeskView 6

Available Here.

Watch the demo down below!


Where To Buy

Wood, White or Clear

$235 – $265+
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