Competition is everything to so many. Aggression, arrogance and unkindness has no place in any professional sports – the very idea of ‘sportsmanship’ is that good conduct is shown in play just as it would at game’s end – yet to play the game means to play it well, and give no quarter.

When it comes to basketball that means you guard the ball and be ever-ready to make the opposing team pay with 2 points if they leave you open to score an easy basketball. These are the rules; to win, you follow them.

Yet, now and then rules need be broken.This is one such story. A young man with special needs who loves basketball like any other hoops fan gets the call from his coach in the fourth quarter of the end-of-season game; ‘suit up’ and ‘get in there.’ He was getting the ball, he was taking shots – but perhaps nerves were getting the best of him. That was gonna be all there was to the story; in the game but 0 points – still a great experience – but perhaps not all you’d wish for. That was it, all over; until a player on the other team decided he had a role to play in this story too.

via WSHH