From the start of this video you’ll doubtless be enraptured by the beautiful and vivid story that unfolds. Here now, a story from the good folks at Edgar’s mission in Australia and their mission to ensure an unwell and distressed little lamb finds her way back to good health once more. For all the cheeky quips and adventures in sarcasm that occurs across youtube and its comments section; certain videos rise above and win a solid round of admiration and respect from those who seek good work being done. Within this video we see one such example – though true also an opportunistic rooster at 2:40 feeling this clip his once chance to show off his crowing. Roosters. Always showboating.

For those keen on a clip that shows the long process of nursing back an animal to help and so very often the thankless work that it involves; this is a clip that showcases the journey so very well.